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How to avoid 10 of the biggest mistakes most people make after being arrested for Drunk Driving.

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Mistakes the police make . . . and how they can help you.

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There are usually both Motor Vehicle & Court Proceedings required when a DWI or Drunk Driving citation has been issued.

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A Summary of Texas Administrative License Suspension Laws DWI and "Administrative License Revocation" in the State of Texas

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A DWI Conviction May Limited Job Opportunities

A DWI Conviction May Limited Job Opportunities

Many employers will not hire you if you have a drunk driving conviction in your driver's history. Some companies go back a certain number of years (3, 5, 6, 8, 10). Others look back as far as your state's driver's history will report a record. Each state's drivers history is different.

If you are already employed and are accused of DWI, a conviction may end your employment. In fact, upon a pending DWI being reported to some employers, you will be either terminated or suspended from any company activities involving driving. Check your employee handbook to see what it says. You are already aware, in most cases, if your company periodically "runs" a driver's history on you.

The question of whether or not to report an arrest for DWI is an issue we will want to discuss with you at the first interview. Don't broach the subject with your employer until you have spoken with us. Learn your rights and obligations before risking immediate termination.

Persons with high security clearance may not be able to avoid the DWI being detected. Any government agency or subcontractor dealing with government projects will be scrutinized at a far higher level than a normal employee. These institutions have direct access to difficult-to-access computer databases, such as the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer) or your state's equivalent (in Texas, it is called TCIC, for "Texas Crime Information Computer"). Every ARREST will be shown on these comprehensive records.

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